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Salesforce Health Cloud to transform the way its practitioners provide services for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and other special needs


“Healthcare providers who want to thrive in this new era of connected people and industry transformation need to move from patient records to patient relationships,” said Joshua Newman, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, GM, Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences. “Using Health Cloud, a platform designed for personalized engagement and collaboration with patients, Easter Seals Bay Area will be able to understand and connect its patients and practitioners, and provide more effective, modern care.” In an increasingly connected world, Easter Seals Bay Area sought a more streamlined solution that would effectively manage the complex relationships between long-term clients and its network of [&hellip

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Salesforce Health Cloud: CRM beats out EMR

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Google tried and quit. Microsoft and IBM have been working on technology to run these systems, but still with an old school EMR mentality. Salesforce is betting in one advantage that they are well known for, reporting. So its not only tying information from the patient and caregivers, but it is reporting the progress of any specific treatment, doctor and or facility. And with Affordable Care Act (ACA) outcomes-based reimbursements, it will all be about reporting. Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based, patient relationship management solution that builds on the strength of It helps providers build stronger, 1-to-1 relationships; make smarter care decisions; [&hellip

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