Design Tips for Startups

1. Consider Responsive Web Design

 Responsive web design is the effort of making a website display properly on any device. The beauty of this is that responsive design does not need to be code-specific to every device out there. It intelligently changes the content based on browser width. If it’s designed correctly, your user will no longer need to zoom in to find content.

Responsive web design is becoming exceedingly important every day as the number of mobile and tablet users increase. It has become an natural evolution of our industry and very much a standard to adhere to.

2. Bring on a Design Co-Founder

Startups like Pinterest, Airbnb and Square all started with design co-founders. Having the business and development sides of a company were always givens. Now entrepreneurs are beginning to wake up and realize the benefits of design. It is an all-natural scaling resource that helps startup companies evolve and cultivate their brand identity with high expertise of the current industry.

3. Stand Out

With an ocean of companies popping up, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Utilizing design will not only give your company a distinct style and personality, it will also help build your brand value. Companies like Coca Cola and Nike have put effort into making sure that when you hear their name, you immediately think of the color red or the Swoosh logo. Good design should be able to be understood by anyone in its demographics whether in or outside your perspective country — you’ll see Coca Cola and Nike ads around the world, as they transcend language and cultural barriers.

Design is no longer just a luxury but a necessity, and it is a global standard that companies need to keep up with.